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10 SuperFoods that will transform your life, boost vitality and heal within

Superfoods are the centre of my smoothie life –  bonus ingredients  – without one of these concentrated sources of goodness I feel the smoothie life will ultimately fail to be as exciting as it has been for a very long time!

What are Superfoods?

The title ‘superfoods’ pretty much gives it away – these particular fruits, algae and vegetables are indeed superfoods that supercharge the body once consumed! The majority are found in abundance in tropical climates and so contain even more powerful nutritional elements directly delivered by the blazing tropical 🌴 sun that aids its growth from its wee stages of a seed!  The soil itself is also blessed with the healthgiving rays of the sun too! So one can only imagine the biological makeup of these fruits combined with immediate and constant nourishment from the sun!  Plus the sun’s positive energy – maybe this is way so many tropical fruits have a way of uplifting our moods!

The nutrients within superfoods are amazing – some superfoods such as turmeric have over 200 complex advantages to the body alone, Acai and Goji Berries also feature several benefits that surpass common foods!

Introducing superfoods into your diet creates a platform of healing – the body readily accepts such unique compositions of nutrients and quickly absorbs these special compounds into the areas within the body which need the most attention!  A typical diet in no way incorporates the complexities and awesomeness of superfoods!

Most superfoods available in the U.K. are packaged in powder form – one of many reasons being that a majority of superfoods are not the easiest to consume in its original form (such as Spirulina) – or the actual fruit is not readily accessible in the UK (i.e. Lucuma or Maca).

I have listed my favourite superfoods below – for those who follow my Instagram page closely most of the foods mentioned have been featured numerous times within my smoothie recipes! Some weeks I am fascinated with a particular superfood and will literally use for countless smoothies – it is very rare that I consume a smoothie without at least one superfood ingredient.

Top 10


My all time favourite – be it in a smoothie, amongst other berries in a fruit salad or simple by itself.  I tend to go for the dried berries and soften sometimes in a hot bowl of oats.  One of my daughters absolutely adore goji berries and so I make sure these goodies are always available in my home.

  • 18 amino acids including 8 essential
  • 21 trace minerals including zinc, calcium, germanium, selenium and phoshorous
  • One of the highest sources of antioxidants
  • More protein than wheat
  •  180% of daily recommended vitamin A
  • Contains B complex – B1, B2 and B6
  •  Vitamin E which is very rare in fruits
  • More vitamin C than an orange
  • Contains antiiflammatory agents
  • 15 times more nutritional iron than spinach


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The original source of chocolate -the taste of cacao alone is not the kind to run telling the world about however the benefits are so plentiful one just has to close their eyes and digest.

  • Improves mood by raising the levels of serotonin (anti-depressant)
  • Enhances glucose metabolism
  • Great source of magnesium and other vital minerals such as zinc, iron, manganese and potassium
  • Contains B vitamin family – B1, 2,5,9 and vitamin e
  • Improves brain function
  • Rich in flavonoids – increased longevity and decreased incidences of cardiovascular diseases
  • Abundant in essential fatty acid for heart health such as oleic acid
  • Rich in protein and fibre

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3.  MACA

If you find that your child does not enjoy plant milk adding maca or lucuma really creates the creamy taste that most children enjoy – I use about 1 teaspoon in my children’s almond milk with another teaspoon of cacao.  Lovely hot milk chocolate just before bedtime.

  • An adaptogen (‘this simply means that it is a nutri
    tive substance that raises the body’s state of resistance to disease while remaining nontoxic to the recipient.  Adaptogens increase immunity by improving the overall ability of the entire body to take on challenging and stressful situations’
  • Helps to restore balance to the body
  • Normalises the entire hormonal system –
    corrects female imbalances
  • Powerful energising properties (increases energy, stamina and endurance in athletes)
  • Weight management
  • Fertility enhancement
  • Rich in iodine
  • Reliable protein source
  • Promotes mental clarity

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  • An adaptogen – helps the body adapt to stress by nourishing the nervous system
  • Rich in antioxidants that help heal the brain
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Boost immunity
  • Reduce brain cell degeneration (source:
  • Protects brain from emotional and physical stress
  • Improves concentration

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  • Rich in iron
  • Rich in protein, vitamin b6, C and vitamin A
  • Significant amount of potassium
  • Abundant in antioxidants that protect the cells from damage and works against  inflammation
  • Projects the liver against damage
  • Kills intestinal worms
  • Anti-cancer qualities

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6. TURMERIC (be sure to activate with black or cayenne pepper)

Not the tastiest ingredient but by far the most important!

  • Highly nutritious
  • Potent healing
  • Great for bone and joint health
  • Natural liver detox
  • Kidney cleanser
  • Combats the root of anti-inflammatory
  • Abundant in antioxidants that help protect major organs of the body

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Wonderful fruit with distinct properties – health giving qualities and a subtle, but sweet taste.

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Protects against cancer
  • Loaded with dietary fibre preventing constipation and digestive issues
  • Generous amounts if fatty acids such as omegas 3, 6, and 9
  • Powerful anti ageing qualities
  • Anti – carcinogenic
  • Vital for the neurological system
  • High Vitamin C content

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8. Camu Camu

Bitter is the word here.  They bitter foods are possess life-giving qualities well came camu is an excellent example of this.

  • This fruit is packed with more natural vitamin C than any other food source recorded on the planet (
  • Packed full of essential minerals such as beta-carotene, potassium, calcium, iron, and valine
  • Vitamin C – 1/2 teaspoon of powder provides more than 400% the Daily Value!
  • Potent immune boosting fruit
  • Anti-viral
  • Reduces inflammation

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9. Hemp Seeds

My favourite smoothie addition – it is a much have.  just one tablespoon transforms a smoothie into a creamy milkshake.  Absolutely adore hemp seeds.

  • Rich in fatty acids – omegas 3 & 9 – crucial for heart, brain and hormone health
  • Superior source of protein – in fact these seeds are a complete protein
  • Promotes healthy skin cell growth
  • Improves circulation
  • Rich in vitamin e
  • Source of 20 amino acids – 9 of which cannot be produced by the body
  • Anti – inflammatory
  • A perfect and natural blend of easily digested proteins, essential fats (Omega 3 & 6), Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), antioxidants, amino acids, fiber, iron, zinc, carotene, phospholipids, phytosterols, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin D, vitamin E, chlorophyll, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, copper, potassium, phosphorus, and enzymes. All amino acids essential to optimum health are found in Hemp Seeds, including the rarely found Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA)  (source:

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Strong tasting but a glorious amount of benefits that one totally ignores the sensation in their mouth – I normally have to include a very ripe banana when choosing to have a teaspoon or two of spirulina. Gorgeous colour too!

  • One of the world’s healthiest foods
  • Packed full of electrolytes, minerals and amino acids
  • Superior detoxification of the kidneys while maintaining kidney function
  • Improves functioning of the entire immune system
  • Provides a heavy colon detox
  • Superb detox of heavy metals  and pollutants from the blood
  • Liver cleanser

  • Spirulina has 2300% more iron than spinach
  • Spirulina has 3900% more beta carotene than carrots
  • Spirulina has 300% more calcium than whole milk
  • Spirulina has 375% more protein than tofu
  • Comparing phytonutrient levels, Spirulina is 31 times more potent than blueberries and 60 times more potent than spinach!

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I have several other superfoods to add to this list – the above however are my household essentials and have all heavy influenced my journey toward optimal health.




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