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Smoothies can easily replace a meal when combined with high sources of protein and fatty acids – nothing beats the nutritional profile of a complete fruity/veggie combination!

This smoothie is excellent for those who wish to loose weight (as it is rich in protein and healthy sugars) and also for others (like me) who just want to give the digestive system a long deserved break which will help with bloating, IBS and other stomach upsets – I have revised this recipe to sync with fruit combining rules!

Enjoy 🙋🏾


5 ripe Baby Bananas (can be purchased in the UK here: Myexoticfruit)

1 cup Cashew Nuts

3 Dates or Figs

1 Tbsp Maca Powder

Plant Milk🌿 (coconut, almond or Cashew)


Meal Replacement

Energy boost

Weight loss

Post workout recovery



I love Maca and purchase organic gelatinised mama powder directly from Revolution Foods, a company based here in the UK,

‘Maca root is known as an adaptogen. Adaptogens are very powerful in that they are able to adapt to a given body’s health condition and in many cases stimulate it to heal whatever is out of balance. Research has proved that Maca contains properties with the capacity to regulate and support endocrine health…Natural Maca root powder can be a useful aid to training programs as it provides energy and greatly helps with recovery after exercise.’ (Revfoods)

Use code REVBEAU for 15% off your purchase: explore their online shop 

❤️ Hand model: My precious Daughter

Have an amazing day!

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