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3 Simple (yummy) Smoothies with Essential Oils

Hey all – below I have listed 3 simple but seriously yummy smoothies covering major points of our health.  Taking at least one of these smoothies daily on a regular basis will definitely transform your health within weeks – each smoothie boosts excellent healing qualities and potent essential oils.

Using essential oils with smoothie blends boosts the antioxidant medicinal potential of the fruits or vegetables used.

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3 yummy smoothies

Choose one 😍:



Cacao Nibs

Beetroot powder

Lemon (essential oil)

Date Syrup

Coconut Milk

 Energy Boost

Hemp Seeds

Baby Bananas

Maca powder

Wild Orange (essential oil)

Oat Milk

Radiant Skin 

Goji Berries


Rosemary (essential oil)


 FullSizeRender 3

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