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The Beautiful Skin Smoothie  

This smoothie was so delicious (obviously due to its banana and date combo🙌🏾) not only does this smoothie improve the look and feel of our skin it doubles also as an energy boost! Each and every ingredient helps heal the skin from the inside out resulting in a natural glow – and radiance that brightens up ones skin tone, who needs makeup?🙅🏾

download recipe image below (hold image to save)

Smoothie details:


contains ample amounts of vitamin A + manganese that help promote healthy skin. (Ensure your bananas are at its ripest state bvefore consuiming – half riped banana are just starchy and lack natural healing sugars, even better stick to baby bananas (@myexoticfruits), if difficult to come across go for organic/fully ripe medium sized bananas)


Abundant in antioxidant power (vitamin C and A, plus anthocyanocides and polyphenols) all combined help nurture the skin from within and protect it + Vitamins C & A produce collagen


As well as being one of the sweetest fruits in our reach- it is also a sufficient source of Vitamins A, C and fatty acids + Vitamin C strengths the elasticity of skin


Consuming everyday helps reduce acidity levels and in turn alkalinises the body + detoxifies the body and creates a healthier atmosphere in the body which quickly shows on the outside (our skin)

BEETROOT (fresh or powdered)

Keeps skin hydrated from within and creates supple and smooth skin! Protects skin cells due to antioxidant content and reduces pigmentation and blemishes due to its high vitamin C content!

FullSizeRender 4

Remember to use a good amount of plant milk or filtered water – this smoothie is a very sweet one (healthy sugars of course 🤗🤗)

Please note: Freezing berries is essential to preserving the nutritional content – vital😁

Add AikoNaturals’ Radiance Natural Glow oil to your beauty regime for optimal results an amazing fast absorbing healing oil with an unique combination of fruit oils – infused with organic rose petals packed full of nourishing plant based ingredients boasting skin healing antioxidants, vitamins, minerals assisting the repair of damaged skin and rejuvenation of a more radiant youthful appearance!

(Image of smoothie credit: unsplash)

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