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Okra – the hidden health secrets

Okra is a staple within my household – not a week goes by without a juicy pot of okra soup! When I studied the health giving properties of okra I was simple amazed! Okra also known as ‘lady fingers’ is indeed a complete food! The nutritional profile of this delicious vegetable is everything for a growing child.

Here are the super health facts about okra:

  1. It is low in calories – bamia pods contain only 30 calories per 100g
  2. It contains no saturated fats or cholesterol
  3. It can help stabilize blood sugar levels by slowing its absorption from the intestines.
  4. It contains lots of dietary fiber and acts as a natural laxative which can help you to naturally get rid of constipation. The pods are rich in mucilage substance, which is a thick, gluey substance that lubricates the large intestine and helps with elimination. Okra’s fiber also feeds the gut’s beneficial bacteria (probiotics) and helps maintain the pH balance of your digestive tract.
  5. It is rich in vitamin A and other antioxidants – the green pods contain beta-carotene, lutein and xanthine, which together with vitamin A help preserve good vision and keep your skin fresh and healthy. Okra has been connected to cataract prevention and is praised for preventing spots and pimples
  6. Due to the abundance of antioxidants and fiber, some also connect okra with cancer prevention, especially the prevention of colorectal cancer.
  7. It is a rich source of vitamin C, which helps with the body’s immunity – okra has been linked to cough and cold prevention. Since vitamin C also act as an anti-inflammatory, okra might be good for reducing the symptoms of asthma
  8. It contains folates – 100 grams of okra provides about 22% of the recommended daily allowance

During your next shopping trip look out for this superfood – as Nigerians we enjoy this in a variety of ways including gently fried and seasoned in palm oil❤️ add mushrooms and kale to boost nutritional content!


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