About TBHG Creator


A newbie wife and mother of wonderfully amazing, thoroughly entertaining twin girls – with the ultimate aim to beautify the life of others with beautiful health – from the inside out!

For the past 3 1/2 years I have been on a personal mission to discover ways to elevate my life naturally – in doing so I have noticed major transformations personally as well as the impact I have had on loved ones – with simple advice on health.

Also with my twin girls blessing our lives in 2014 – a deeper need for the healthiest life possible became my focus!  During my pregnancy fuelled with sleepless nights – I used my time to research the best and most natural options for my babies!  Now looking at them growing up superbly,  I can see the benefits of beautiful health!  My site will have many posts regarding the safest alternatives for our children!

I am no doctor (who tend to shy away from holistic approaches) however I am passionate about health, beautiful health.  Committing 100% to natural resources and cutting out all the commercialised products advertised to us for years.  I am a solicitor/lawyer by profession so I guess I can be marked as a pretty good critic 🙂 

My goal is to point you in the right direction health wise based on my personal experience, my family and friends! I too am still learning and growing in all things natural so I am ready for this new chapter! 

There is no harm in trying all things natural  – therefore there is nothing to fear

This should be an exciting journey – I have been blogging for 5 years and counting ( Lavergneaiko Inspires! | Be inspired, Stay inspired!
https://lavergneaiko.wordpress.com/) I just have this sponge of excitement within me that The beautiful Health guide will be the most fulfilling!

I pray I inspire many to a life of beautiful health from the inside out.

I must note one of my inspirations and go to source: wellnessmama.com 😍

Stay Inspired!



Everything I post on this blog is based of my own experience or of those around me! My research and belief system is centralised on my passion for all things natural and beneficial for good health! Holistic views are therefore not stemmed in any medical knowledge…I am not a medical doctor, nurse or professional nutritionist – or linked to naturopathic field.   If information is sourced elsewhere links will be provided.

This blog is to motivate readers to consider traditional routes of medicine! If a reader is currently under medication supervision it is advisable to consult with their doctor regarding information found on this blog!


  Just a gentle notice that many links on this blog are affiliate links. You will be buying The items at the normal price (or if on sale) – I will also receive a small commission (percentage) of the purchase which goes towards supporting my passion (the beautiful health guide) blog. Thank you😊

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