Quick steps to Beautiful Health

Below I have listed a few quick changes you can make for health today – kindly note that I am only listing products I currently and have used! If you have great alternatives – feel free to share!

(This list is non-exhaustive – I will be updating from time to time as I discover or remember (:-)) products that have transformed the health and environment of my family and I for the better)


1. Change your cooking oil & Seasoning 

Did you know that olive oil is not an oil that withstands high heat – when it reaches unsustainable heat levels it turns into fat! Instead oils such as sesame, avocado and sunflower withstand high heat and keeps its natural contents intact – a fried meal of goodness!  

Coconut oil and Olive Oil on the other hand though not for cooking are multipurpose oils – the same jar can be used for your hair and skin, or used raw over food especially salads! (I spoon fed a small amount to my girls each day from a few months old)


2. Get rid of white salt (processed) 
The number one cause of hypertension – White salt!  processed it becomes an enemy of the body! Switch to sea salt – rich in minerals and nutrients!  You only need a pinch for taste!  A bag of this lasts in my house for almost 3 months!

3. Try these natural washing powder/liquid 

The chemicals packed in washing powders and liquids are just incredible – cleaning agents in general are totally haphazard for one’s health.  And one of the major causes ranging from respiratory issues to skin problems among adults and children, especially babies

The following will wash your clothes and dishes just as well:


Washing liquid (dishes)

4.  We all know the results of two much brown or white sugar! 

See even better alternatives below:

5. Experiment with other types of water for the extra nourishment (h2o will always be no1 in all our lives :-))

6. Cut out cereals packed with sugar and no goodness

Our shelves are crowded with dozens of cereal brands however there is one thing they all have in common – SUGAR

I and my family take a number of wholesome cereals/oats- I will list the a few fantastic ones below:

7. Apple Cider Vinegar  with mother can be used for numerous, it can also kill bacteria and preserve food.  I use it personally for a sore throat or as a boost when  I feel a cold coming on.  It works very well alongside probiotics (will post link below)

Probiotics for babies/kids


1. Stop using body creams packed with ingredients that have no benefit once it seeps through your skin

This lotion is for all skin types and my personal preference – real skin food for the entire family

Body Wash

Face Wash

Deodorant (we must be vigilant with what we spray under our arms, antiperspirants work against the body’s natural processes and stop it from naturally releasing what the body does not require by way of sweat, instead the antiperspirant works to blocks the ducts)

2. Quickly replace your toothpaste
Flouride is not the best for our bodies – it has a dulling affect on the brain and desposits waste in our inside us! Read this brief article of many on the dangers of fluoride: Dangers of Flouride.  Also other ingredients added to toothpaste are quite dubious too …here are some great alternatives:

For Babies and Kids: