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Parasite Cleanse with Essential Oils ❤️

This cleanse is everything and most importantly effective! The Simple Truth about Parasites  Many find it hard to believe that parasites live and build colonies within the body and flourish the most within the gut,  though not all cause serious health problems but the parasites that do cause illness can be devastating to the human… Continue reading Parasite Cleanse with Essential Oils ❤️

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Smoothies can easily replace a meal when combined with high sources of protein and fatty acids - nothing beats the nutritional profile of a complete fruity/veggie combination! This smoothie is excellent for those who wish to loose weight (as it is rich in protein and healthy sugars) and also for others (like me) who just… Continue reading CREAMY DELUXE BABY BANANA SMOOTHIE 🍶(revised)

food, Health, healthy, Healthy food, Natural, Natural food, Organic, smoothie, Vegan

10 SuperFoods that will transform your life, boost vitality and heal within

10 SuperFoods that will transform your life, boost vitality and heal. Superfoods are the bonus ingredients of all my smoothies - without one of these concentrated sources of goodness I feel the smoothie life will ultimately fail to be as exciting and it is now!

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Creamy Celery – Banana Smoothie (Recipe Video Inside)

A true smoothie is one that encompasses true nutritional value to the body when digested in the rawest form, reasons why organic produce is the best way to support the #smoothielife

Beauty, Health, Holistic, Natural, Organic, Vegan

Essential Oils – Powerful Remedy for Emotional Health 😍

Essential oils can help alter our physical, mental and emotional well-being by triggering and strengthening our bodies’ own natural processes. They are made up of tiny molecules that can deliver healing properties to the systems that control our physiological state.