Why ‘The Beautiful Health Guide?’ 

I am a trooper of all things natural – for the past 3-4 years or so I have relentlessly found ways to transform my life incredibly with healthy choices, and most importantly options that the earth has already set in place for us. I am not an environmentalist or a fanatic of any sort, I am just a very explorative individual who happened to pick up my mother’s enthusiasm for natural health and decided to take that enthusiasm further with research and trials. I am proud to say it has all worked! I am on an ever increasing journey of awareness of what is really making our country ill! We have rising cases of cancer, diabetes, asthma, obesity, hypertension (high blood pressure) and many more serious conditions mounting at the door of our public health system, the NHS.  

I just find it gravely unfair that the medical society are not informed or just not informing the public at large about the highly successful benefits of natural alternatives – instead they call those who preach about it as unqualified’ and ask the masses to steer clear of such remedies. 


There are success stories crowding the internet of major cancers disappearing with several combinations of naturalness! As well as the complete elimination of persistent medical conditions such as eczema, hypertension and diabetes. However the medical community stay clear of this and continue to trick our bodies into healing when in fact the body is only reacting to strong metals temporarily taking over its biological structure of work. 

Please do not get me wrong, I commend the medical field and what our practitioners are achieving – however it is just almost ridiculous to completely ignore what is right before us – the earth and its resources are ample and medicinal enough for us. 

Hundreds of years ago – okay let us go back to 1000 years ago! There were no chemically induced – heavy metal medicines – though seriously qualified doctors lived amongst the peoples – I will list a few sources used as ‘medicine’ back then: 

* Herbs 
* Flowers and Plants  

* Oils strained from either plant, flower or fruits/vegetables 

* Sea salt 

All the above are very much available NOW and currently in use – and work! However they have been pushed so far back within the field of medicine that the majority of individuals especially in the Western world, have no comprehension of their importance. There may be hints of natural components in medicine – but so minuscule it makes no difference if included or not. We live in a ‘get well quick’ society and I believe that is the main objective of synthetic medicine. 
Slowly and surely however – scientists are picking up on old tricks – I read this article recently http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-nottinghamshire-32117815 and was not surprised!  

We are hearing of many instances like this – where scientists continually discover great remedies for issues controlled by synthetic medicine but give us the ‘but let us see if it really works’ approach. Of course it does – there was no other alternative when it was created hundreds of years ago, and there was no period recorded during the 9th Century Anglo Saxon era where MRSA wiped out thousands! So yes it works!!!!! 

My point really is that we need to research natural remedies for problems our our body may present from time to time. Natural remedies work in ease with the bodies biological structure and at the same time takes care not to deposit waste within the body.  

I was weary, I have been blogging for 5 years (lavergneaiko inspires) however starting this one has been a little up and down for me! 

Firstly, I noticed after a thorough search that we do not have a uk based natural health blogger (unless I have missed them).  
Secondly, I had always struggled to find products in the UK (or reasonably priced) featured on American blogs. Years later I have my go-to stores and websites which I am open to totally sharing on this blog! 

I have completed the hard work for you! 🙂

Thirdly, there is a huge awareness growing amongst internet users – a surge of power has somehow entered the hands of the natural health market! People are desperate to improve their lives , ready to change their habits to better benefit themselves as well as trickle down they healthy habits to their children (like me) and individuals are just scared of all the major illnesses suddenly all over the place, especially when it affects our loved ones. 

And finally, becoming a mother in 2014 further propelled me into the natural holistic lifestyle – though I am still learning! I am in overdrive so my little ones and all the other lil ones who’s parents come across my blog will have a fighting chance of beautiful health from the inside out 

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